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1. You add a torrent.
2. We do the magic.
3. You watch and enjoy!
on iPhone / iPad / Apple TV / Desktop


iPhones, iPods, iPads, laptops, desktops and even TV sets via AppleTV and AirPlay. Works over 3G networks too!


Privacy and security is our top priority. Streamza uses secure connection (HTTPS) for all communication and encryption whenever possible.

No scam, no fine print

We play fair — simple plans, clear rules, no hidden fees.


Watch movies, listen to music through our streaming services. Get content from the huuuuge BitTorrent network!


Multi-gigabit uplink, dozens of servers and over 30 edge streaming locations all over the world give Streamza a hyper-space boost!

Instant sharing

Invite your friends to Streamza and share torrents instantly. Check our killer feature "share with friends"!


$4.99 a month is not that much for unlimited downloads, streams and up to 150 GB storage, right? Not to mention there is a free option!


Become a BitTorrent expert within seconds. We make complex things easy so that you can relax and enjoy your media.

Driven by passion

We are BitTorrent fans. We've built Streamza for people like us and we are completely devoted to creating the BEST BitTorrent solution ever!

Easy access to millions of videos and music from the BitTorrent network. For all the added features $4.99 is a good deal. Mark, a Streamza user
Streamza changed the way I consume media on my iPad. Yes, I'm a Streamza-addict now! Stephany, a Streamza user
Wherever I go now, I take my favourite shows and movies with me. Plus, I can get new ones while on the go. Andrzej, a Streamza user