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Streamza is incredibly popular among users worldwide with more than 100,000 users. With our affiliate program you can start making money, right away. No matter if you want to promote our service via Twitter, Facebook, Google Adwords, your own website or blog - making money has never been easier.

High Commissions With Easy and Quick Payouts

We offer free account handouts which makes it much easier for users to convert to paid plans. We run various email campaigns to convert our free users to paid customers. once the free user upgrades to any of our paid plan, we attribute that sale to you.

Dedicated Affiliate Manager

Get a dedicated manager to help you to optimize your revenue and conversion rate. The affiliate manager will work closely with you to help you understand user behavior and the best ways in which you optimize your campaign.

Customized And Pre-Designed Solutions

We built custom campaigns, banners and landing pages for our affiliates. Each of these landing pages and banners are 100% optimized for conversion to ensure that you don't really have to do much.

Advance Affiliate Dashboard

Keep track of your sales and conversions with our easy-to-use, advanced affiliate’s dashboard - See your statistics in real time, including the number of visitors, signups, and orders.

Why People Use Streamza

We are a premium SaaS plattform and people use our service for various reasons including optimizing downloads and streams of links and files.

Other Features

Most Reliable Downloader Product & Best Pricing Plans

Our conversion and retention rates are extremely high. A self enforcing good feedback loop is guaranteed with our affiliate program.

Regular Notifications And Emails

We send emails and notifications related to upcoming campaigns, promotions, discounts and feature updates, just to keep you up-to-date.

Free Coupons

We can arrange free coupon offers which make it much easier for users to convert to paid plans. We run various campaigns to convert our registered users to paid customers. once the user upgrades to any of our paid plan, we attribute that sale to you.

Affiliates Only Promotion

We offer exclusive discounts for our top affiliates which help them generate more sales and earn more profit. We don't offer same discount on our website or anywhere else and these promotions are Affiliates only.

Generous Commissions in the SaaS Market

Package Price Commission
Premium - 1 Month 9.99 USD 25%
Premium - 1 Year 99.99 USD 25%
Premium - 2 Years 159.99 USD 25%

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